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Flutter is an innovative mobile app development framework that allows you to create fast, responsive, and visually appealing apps for both Android and iOS platforms. However, building a Flutter app requires a team of developers who have expertise in the framework.

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Flutter App Development

Flutter App Consulting

Transform your vision into reality by partnering with our expert Flutter App Developers. We guarantee successful project delivery and craft interfaces that ensure lightning-fast data transfers while maintaining a strict no-logs policy for secure and efficient functionality.

Custom Mobile App Development

Welcome aboard skilled and top-tier Flutter app developers to join your team and ensure a bug-free, high-quality, and secure user experience. We have a proven track record of delivering services to both enterprises and businesses, providing a strong foundation for your project's success.

Flutter App Migrations

Seeking an economical approach to application migration? Consider leveraging the power of Flutter by bringing aboard our talented Flutter App Developers. Contact us today to harness the full extent of Flutter's expertise!.

Flutter Web/Desktop Development

Flutter stands out as a cross-platform framework, allowing you to create web/desktop applications with a native look and feel. Our team comprises seasoned Flutter developers ready to assist you in crafting stunning and highly responsive web applications.

Flutter Support & Maintenance

Contact us for swift and uninterrupted maintenance of your Flutter apps. We prioritize your business goals and provide rapid solutions for database server optimization, software upgrades, performance tuning, security, and more. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Bug fixing & security

Our developers swiftly identify and address issues as they provide Flutter app development services, ensuring a bug-free application and enhancing code quality where needed.

Flutterflow Custom application development

FlutterFlow development services offer businesses and organizations a fast and efficient way to create custom applications that meet their specific needs. With FlutterFlow's no-code development environment, businesses can save time and resources by avoiding the need to write code from scratch.

MVP Development in Flutterflow

MVP development in FlutterFlow streamlines app prototype creation. Using FlutterFlow's visual tools, we build a functional MVP with core features, saving time and resources. This approach helps gather vital user feedback and validate concepts, ideal for startups aiming for data-driven decisions and early insights into app potential.

Hire Expert FlutterFlow Developer

We provide expert FlutterFlow developers to bring your app ideas to life. Our skilled professionals use FlutterFlow's visual tools for responsive apps. We prioritize bug-free, high-quality, secure solutions for your project's success. Partner with us for a worry-free development experience.

What We Do

Leading Flutter App Development Company in India

We take pride in being a leading Flutter app development company in India, with a track record of delivering innovative and high-quality mobile applications. Our team of skilled Flutter developers is well-versed in creating cross-platform apps that provide a native-like experience on both iOS and Android.

At our company, we prioritize client satisfaction and aim to build robust, user-friendly, and visually appealing apps that engage and retain users. With a focus on real-time communication, our Flutter apps seamlessly integrate chat and messaging features, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

Security is paramount to us, and we implement stringent measures to protect user data and ensure the privacy and trust of our clients. We optimize our Flutter apps for speed and performance, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience.

From conceptualization to design, development, testing, and deployment, we offer end-to-end services, providing a hassle-free development process for our clients. Our ongoing support and maintenance services ensure that your app remains up-to-date and competitive in the ever-evolving app market.

As a cross-platform app development company in India specializing in Flutter app development services, we are committed to delivering the highest quality services, helping your business achieve its goals and stand out in the mobile app landscape. We take pride in our ability to transform your app ideas into successful and user-friendly solutions.

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Technology stacks

The technical expertise of our experts

  • Frameworks
  • Bloc
  • GetX
  • Riverpod
  • Redux
  • Dart
  • Database
  • SQflite, Hive
  • SharedPreferences
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • Libraries
  • Firebase
  • Gext_cli
  • Google_Map
  • FlutterFire
  • Firebase_core
  • Tools & Utilities
  • Android Studio
  • FlutterFlow
  • Vs code
  • Flutter SDK
  • IntelliJ IDEA

Why Choose Flutter for App Development?

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Flutter allows you to develop apps that run seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms, reducing development time and costs.
  • Single Codebase: With Flutter, you can maintain a single codebase for multiple platforms, simplifying updates and maintenance.
  • Fast Development: Flutter's hot reload feature enables quick development and real-time testing of changes.
  • Rich and Expressive UI: Flutter provides a wide range of pre-designed widgets for creating visually appealing and responsive user interfaces.
  • Strong Community Support: A large and active developer community means ample resources and support for problem-solving.
  • High Performance: Flutter offers native-like performance by compiling code to native machine code.
  • Customizable Widgets: Developers can easily customize widgets to match their app's unique design requirements.
  • Consistent UI: Flutter ensures a consistent and polished look across various devices and screen sizes.

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200 +Flutter Projects
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Why Choose Us

Why Should You Hire Dignizant for Flutter App Development?

Hiring Dignizant for your Flutter app development is a wise decision. Our experienced Flutter developers excel in precise and efficient app development. We specialise in cross-platform development, ensuring seamless performance on both Android and iOS, saving time and resources.

We offer cost-effective solutions with shorter development cycles and reduced maintenance costs. We tailor apps to your specific needs and prioritise scalability for future growth. Our successful track record in various industries underscores our expertise and commitment to client satisfaction. Opting for Dignizant means partnering with a dependable team to bring your Flutter app vision to life, guaranteeing its success in a competitive digital landscape.

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Expertise in Flutter

Our team consists of seasoned developers with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Flutter. This expertise guarantees the precise and efficient crafting of your Flutter app.

Cross-Platform Expertise

We excel in cross-platform app development, ensuring seamless functionality on both Android and iOS. This not only saves valuable time and resources but also guarantees a consistent user experience across platforms.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We are committed to delivering cost-effective solutions. Our proficiency in Flutter enables faster development cycles and reduced maintenance costs, offering you excellent value for your investment.

Customization and Scalability

We recognise the uniqueness of each project. Our track record demonstrates our capability to customize Flutter apps to fulfil specific client requirements while considering scalability for future growth.

Robust Portfolio

Our portfolio speaks for itself, showcasing our success in delivering high-quality Flutter projects across various industries. It reflects our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Hire Best Resources

Our Hiring Models

Our hiring models are designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Whether you are looking for a full-time employee to work exclusively for your company, a part-time employee to work a few hours a week, or an hourly worker to complete specific tasks, we have a hiring model that will meet your needs.

Full Timeloading
Hours Per Day8Hrs/Day
Minimum Days30Days
Part Timeloading
Hours Per Day4Hrs/Day
Minimum Days30Days
Hours Per DayFlexibleHrs/Day
Minimum Hours50Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hire Flutter developers from Dignizant?loading
  • Hiring our skilled Flutter developers is easy. Visit our Flutter page to explore our expertise. Review our developer skills and expertise. Contact us through the provided contact options to discuss your project requirements and start the hiring process.
Can I hire Flutter developers for both iOS and Android app development?loading
  • Absolutely. Our Flutter developers are proficient in creating applications that work seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. We ensure consistent performance and user experiences across different devices by leveraging Flutter's cross-platform capabilities.
What is the typical development process when I hire Flutter developers from Dignizant?loading
  • The development process begins with a thorough understanding of your project requirements and goals. Our developers then craft a customised plan, design the UI/UX, develop the app using Flutter, subject it to rigorous testing, and subsequently deploy it. Additionally, we provide post-launch support and maintenance to ensure the ongoing success of your app.

Flutter Events


Flutter Surat Meetup

  • The Flutter Surat Meetup was a vibrant and informative event, proudly sponsored by our team. In the heart of Surat, we brought together a community of passionate Flutter developers eager to explore the intricacies of Flutter Performance Optimisation.
  • Our esteemed team lead delivered an engaging and insightful presentation, delving deep into the world of Flutter performance optimisation. The talk was a treasure trove of practical tips and best practices, leaving the audience inspired and well-prepared to enhance their Flutter projects.
  • The meetup served as an exceptional platform for Surat's Flutter development community to connect, share ideas, and enrich their knowledge of Flutter. With discussions flowing and insights exchanged, the event became a hub of inspiration and learning, fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment.
  • As they left the event, Flutter developers in Surat carried a newfound enthusiasm to create more efficient, high-performance applications, reaffirming their commitment to mastering the art of Flutter development.

GDG DevFest Surat 2022

  • In 2022, we proudly sponsored GDG DevFest Surat—an exceptional event that offered a platform to explore cutting-edge technologies and foster innovation. Our commitment to advancing the tech community remained unwavering as sponsors.
  • This event provided a unique opportunity for our team to actively engage with the vibrant tech ecosystem and gain invaluable insights into Flutter and various Google products. We encouraged our employees to participate actively, cultivating a culture of continuous learning and growth.
  • GDG DevFest Surat 2022 served as a hub of knowledge and collaboration, where our team immersed themselves in the latest technological advancements, exchanging ideas and experiences with fellow enthusiasts. It marked a pivotal moment for our team to deepen their expertise and remain at the forefront of technology.